Located in Gaobu, Dongguan City, Victory Group shares the good benefit of the convenient location with only 10 minute drive to downtown city. In 1998, we set up our first factory - Victory Mold Shop. After the rapid development of mold and shoe industry in China during the late 20th century to the 21st century, Victory Group has become a large-scale vertical integrated footwear company. Now, we have almost 20 thousand employees with mold, rubber, injection, fabrics, fly-knit, assembly and many other factories. We successfully set up “one-stop service” supply chain. Our core business is footwear manufacture, but we also expand to other areas such as, sports equipment development, automation equipment research, intelligence manufacturing system, and 3D printing technology…etc.

 Based in Dongguan:

Victory Group has raised quickly by utilizing the complete shoe manufacturing supply chain, human resources, and advanced technology in Dong Guan City. While we base in Dong Guan, we also build manufacturing facilities in Hunan, Hubei, and Vietnam. In order to move from traditional manufacturing to industrial 4.0, we invest heavily in intelligent manufacturing system and automation. We believe that with such effort, we are bound to embrace a brighter future of shoe manufacture industry. 

 Eye on the World:

In addition to continuously enlarge the scale of Vietnam production base, we also plan to set up factories in Cambodia, Burma, India, Africa and other countries. Meanwhile, we have already finished the pre-assessment and planning process for future establishment of factories in Central and South America and the United States, we also intend to further strengthen and improve our international strategic layout.

 4 main Departments

Guang Dong Department

·Victory R&D Technology Co., Ltd(Guangdong)

· Zhanxiang Footwear Co.,Ltd

Hunan Department :

· Genesis Sporting Goods Co., Ltd

· Victory Mold Co.,Ltd

· Victory Worldwide Sporting Goods Co., Ltd (Hunan)

· Victory Footwear Co.,Ltd (VC1)

· Zhenyue Footwear Co., Ltd

Vietnam Department:

· Victory Footwear Co.,Ltd (VC2)

· Zhanxing Sports Goods Co., Ltd·

· Long Hanh Thien Ha Co.,Ltd

·Zhanfeng Footwear Co.,Ltd

· Zhanrui Sports Goods Co., Ltd.

Huebei Department :

· Zhanjia Sporting Goods Co.,Ltd


· Victory Worldwide Sporting Goods Co., Ltd (Hubei)

  Cooperative customers: