Victory Group Corporate Culture Statements
Reshape the traditional labor intensive industries through continuous innovations, smart manufacturing and outstanding workmanship.

Provide environmental friendly sporting goods with wearing comfort to mankind.

> Achieve 0 claim and 0 return by 2021.
> Focus on the application of automation, 3D printing and VR technology, to achieve 1.5 PPH.
> Speed to market, reduce the lead time by 40%, and minimize the inventory for customers.
> Fully implement LEAN manufacturing in all production facilities.
> Fulfill the corporate social responsibility, increase the employee happiness index.


Enjoy Work,Enjoy Life

Constantly strive for perfection

Quality is our First Priority

Quality is life, quality is dignity, only high-quality products can win the trust of customers.
Victory spends huge sums to introduce worldwide advance testing equipment to our testing centers. From raw materials to finished shoes, we always conduct detail inspections of every aspect to ensure that defect goods will never flow into the next process.
We believe that good quality comes from good design and production. From development to production, we regularly conduct a series of quality training to ensure everyone has the mindset that we "do not accept defected goods, do not produce defected goods, and do not ship out defected goods."
We also believe that quality is the life for a company, without outstanding quality, our company will never last long.

Innovation is the Future

With the aggravation of market competition and rising labor costs, traditional manufacturing industry has entered an era of limited profits. However, it is still the eternal theme of how to provide customers with higher quality products with more competitive price. When an industry meet difficulties and challenges, it is bound to bring revolution in the industry to overcome the difficulties and challenges. Under the current circumstance, we have foreseen the challenges in footwear industry, and have ourselves fully deployed and well prepared to bring the industry into the next level, we will be the pioneer that revolutionize the industry.
With the technology available today, we believe that intelligent manufacturing is no longer a distant future. It is a solution to the problem in shoe industry and the only way out. Therefore, Victory Group has identified intelligent manufacturing as our strategic goals and direction. We have in-depth cooperation with international well-known intelligent automation equipment companies.
We have also started our own development & production centers for research on leading intelligent equipment research. 

Win-win is Success

In addition to providing customers with products of superior quality, function, cosmetic, and cost, it is also important for us to enhance employees sense of responsibility and mission. In recent days, it is difficult to motivate the employees only by salary bonuses and other work-related remuneration. Therefore, we decided to motivate the employees by making them become shareholders. We believe that when employees can share profits and also share the risks as shareholders they will be highly motivated.
At the same time, we always attached great importance to corporate social responsibility and has made its due contribution in taxation, employment, environmental protection, public welfare, and charity.
We believe enterprises must return to society and take responsibilities since we are also part of the society. We believe that if we want to have sustainable development for our company, we need to achieve win-win situation for customers, companies, employees, and the society.

Happiness is the Strength

Gorky once said that "happy work, life is paradise," When every employees can work happily everyday their positivity, initiativity, and creativity will be highly motivated. Under such circumstances, we believe that each employee could find their own values and feel happy while working.
We are committed to improve employee happiness index and enhance employee care.
In order to improve staff integrity, we set up an internal lecturer team which provide our employees with various trainings such as pre-job training, occupational disease prevention training, operational skills training, ideological training, reserve cadre training, team outdoor activity, and so on.
In addition, we regularly hold a variety of activities each year such as sports events, performance events, and award presenting events for well performed employees.
Victory has built many sports facilities such as basketball court, tennis court, gym, yoga rooms, dance studio, library room and multimedia training room to enrich our employees life after work. Our CEO takes the lead and encourage the general staff to insist on exercising, make continuous learning and training as a habit.
Enrich the staff leisure life, promote corporate culture. We are committed to let every employee achieve our company value of "happy work, happy life